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[sales skills] what is the ultimate top player? So it's it?

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Whether he has a passion for work depends on whether he has a full attitude to work. If we can see tough work as a challenge to ourselves and engage in it with joy and enthusiasm, miracles will happen. If we can treat the work with the spirit of Conquest full of passion and vitality, then we can finish it easily and happily.

In the sales work of many industries, the average turnover rate of sales personnel can be as high as 30% ~ 50%, but some enterprises can control this figure at 2%. The secret of these enterprises to select sales personnel is to pay special attention to personal personality and work attitude. In fact, it is the positive attitude that ultimately leads to top sales experts.

According to research, more than 85% of the results of a person's various activities are determined by the attitude they hold in their heart. So it's your attitude, not your talent, that determines your worth. Always face the top sales people with a positive attitude. They believe in the law of cause and effect. That is, what you sow, what you harvest.

Japanese entrepreneur Kazuo Inamori once summed up a successful formula: personal ability × work passion × values = performance. This formula shows that one's ability and work passion can complement each other. China also has a saying that "diligence can make up for one's weakness". Sometimes, diligence and passion are more important than personal ability, because people's ability is flexible, and people who love work can also stimulate greater potential.

Takaki is a famous Japanese sales circles personage, has written many books. In those years, when Gao Mu just entered the industry, everything was not going well. He runs more than 30 units to sell photocopiers every day. In the post-war period, copier is a very expensive new commodity, most institutions will not buy. Most organizations don't even let him in at the gate; even if he does, it's hard to see the supervisor.

"If you want to visit the office, you have to stop talking about the office address. You go back. If you don't go, I'll call the police! "

The first three months were zero and he didn't even sell a copier. He has no base salary. All his income comes from the profit sharing after the transaction is completed. If you don't do business, you don't have any income. You can't afford to stay in a hotel when you are on business. You have to spend the night in the train waiting room. But he persisted optimistically.

One day, he called back to the company and asked if any customers had come to order the photocopier. He is unable to get such an answer every day. But this day, the tone of reply was different: "Hello, Mr. Takagi, there is a securities company interested in buying, you should contact them quickly. "

It's a miracle! The company decided to buy eight copiers at a time, with a total price of 1.08 million yen. Takaki was paid more than 190 thousand yen. This is his first success. Since then, fortune has turned, and his sales have soared, even to his surprise. All of this benefited from his optimism and never lost his passion for his career.

80% of sales work is based on 20% psychological attitude. The abilities and skills of sales staff are based on their own thoughts and feelings. Therefore, cultivating a more positive, more optimistic, more pursuit of excellence attitude is the most indispensable lesson for every sales staff.

Of course, sales people are under great pressure at work. The expectation of the management, the competition among colleagues, the strong competitive spirit and the economic pressure will form a very considerable depressing atmosphere and challenge the mentality of the sales staff from time to time. Therefore, to control your mood and adjust your mind, you need some skill and foresight.

1. First, control your emotions

Controlling emotions is the most valuable and key skill that every salesman must learn. As you can see, any outstanding sales or any successful person is under pressure to become extraordinary excellent! Only through the impact of pressure, people's internal potential will be inspired, and personal confidence and ability will be unprecedented. Stress is a road to success. It connects "I may", "I can", "I must" and "I did it". It will bring you extraordinary opportunities and elevate you to a new level.

Never be afraid of pressure - without pressure, there will be no brilliant achievements. Stress is not as terrible as you think, and it's not always shunned, as long as you know how to deal with it. What you need to understand is that it is extremely necessary to release stress, otherwise it will lead to paranoid, negative or depressed emotions. Before you take the next action, you need to analyze your emotions rather than let them stand in the way of your work. The success depends on whether you have an optimistic attitude in the world.

Although you can't find a unique way to be creative, you can't find a way to control your own emotions. For example, if you're going through a period of emotional depression, you need to implement a strategy that allows you to act as quickly as possible and achieve small, predictable results. For example, visit an old customer who is already using your product or service; talk to a customer who has established a good relationship, and stay with them for a while, and you may even get one or two referrals in the meantime. You will find that these will make your mood and mental state better soon.

2. Physical activity

Physical activity is also a good idea. You can go jogging or fitness, you can also sit on the beach, and get close to nature. You can also organize your favorite music that can cheer you up into an album, and sing while listening to music on the way to visit customers. A lot of things can be energizing and uplifting. Use your creativity!

When your emotions and willpower are at a high point, everything will seem to be going well and you will really be on track. At this time, you will find that people actively open the door to you, everyone is willing to learn about you and your products, and money is constantly flowing into your pocket. What you need to do at this time is to make more phone calls and visit customers. You will be surprised at your efficiency and the sales accumulated during this period!

A person's thinking and temperament are often polished by the work he is engaged in, perhaps not out of deliberate, but daily contact with people and things, every day must think and deal with the problems, cultivate a kind of personal Phoenix, and the environment also has a special atmosphere, imprinting everyone among them.

Positive faith produces potential and determination. Determination drives behavior. Positive behavior creates good results. Good results make us believe in positive and positive beliefs, so as to form a good cycle and result. Faith makes all impossible possible.

Practical guide for sales elites

(1) clarity of purpose helps to maintain a high level of enthusiasm, because you will see yourself constantly moving towards it.

(2) break down every small goal into happiness.

(3) don't be influenced by some objective factors. If you can't change, don't consider it.

(4) if you think it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter; if you think it does, it does.

(5) for one year, read only positive books and attend useful seminars and refresher courses.

(6) learn to look for opportunities from obstacles or mistakes. When something goes wrong, remember that it's not someone else's fault, but your own.

(7) don't pay attention to those who say you can't do it or try to frustrate you.

(8) reflect on your language and avoid negative words such as no, no or no. Always talk about why you like it, not why you don't.

(9) treat everything with an optimistic attitude.

(10) consciously experience the happiness in the state of nature, and think about something worth celebrating every day.
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